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Notice:  Any unlawful use of this website or its contents may result in severe civil and criminal penalties punishable to the maximum extent possible under law. 

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Sunday Morning:

9:00 Breakfast Fellowship

9:30 Bible Lessons for all

10:30 Worship Service


Sunday Evening:

6:00 School of Discipleship

Current Study: Eschatology

"Reflecting on the

Reality of Revelation"


Wednesday Evening:

6:30 Adult Group Studies

-"Children in Action"

-"Upper Room Teens


Our Church Covenant:

We, the members of Abounding Hope Church, do hereby covenant with each other before God to:

-Be family; to be committed to each other; to love, accept, and forgive each other until death of God's call causes us to part.

-Live in Jesus Christ and take His commands seriously.

-Help one another grow toward Christian maturity by bearing one another's burdens, encouraging one another, exhorting one another, praying for one another, speaking the truth in love to one another, admonishing one another, building up one another, teaching one another, equipping one another, comforting one another, submitting to one another, serving one another, patiently bearing with one another, being hospitable to one another, greeting one another, living in peace with one another, caring for one another, being sweet, kind, and tenderhearted to one another, being devoted to one another, accepting one another, forgiving one another, loving one another.

-Invite fellow members to pray for us, teach us, correct us, or rebuke us, if necessary, in a spirit of gentleness and humility should we stray from our Lord's commands, because the thing we desire most in life is to serve Christ. We voluntarily submit ourselves to one another and to the discipline of the church. Such discipline will always be for the loving purpose of restoration-restoration to fellowship and with the covenant community-and it will always be done in accordance with Matthew 18:15-22.

-Bring honor to the body of Christ by maintaining a good testimony.

-Work together in fulfilling the Mission Statement, Vision Statement, Purpose Statement, and goals of this body of believers.


We enter into this Covenant because we have the common purpose of obeying Jesus Christ, and because we believe that we need one another's help to do this.


As believers, and disciples of Jesus Christ, we have entered into a covenant relationship with the God of Abraham, Issac, and Jacob-with the God who revealed Himself in Jesus.

Since the blessings and promises of the covenant have been freely extended and given to us, out of wonder, love thanksgiving, and reverence, we hereby accept and take up the covenant responsibilities that go with such a privilege. This is our reasonable service, and we should do nothing less.


God help us all! We rely on His grace and hold fast to His promise that there is now no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus.

Abounding Hope Church


PO Box 1004 Licking MO

Telephone: 573.674.1004

Pastor: Dr. James Miller